The Centre for Software Innovation (CSI) provides a bridge between researchers in Information and Communication Technology at the University of Auckland and the ICT industry. CSI, an Auckland Uniservices Ltd Innovation Centre, is embedded within the Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments. CSI has a strong track record of working with commercial and government ICT organisations to enhance their innovation potential and develop smarter solutions more quickly. Our approach is to engage with industry in a broad manner, both through direct conultancy and contract research, and via a suite of more focussed programmes, such as Academy and Extenda. We also provide research project management support to a range of third party programmes.



Contract Research

Our contract research activities target applied research to industry problems. These range from short term high end consultancy activities, for example, critiquing a proposed software architecture or undertaking a technology assessment exercise, through to extended reseach contracts solving significant technical problems for our customers in innovative ways. The IP developed from these activities typically becomes the property of the industry sponsor.

Funding Information

Our service activities usually require full cost funding from those commissioning the research. In many cases, companies may be eligible for government assistance via FRST's TechNZ business research funding schemes. Contact us for assistance in developing your research project and providing advice on funding opportunities.







The Academy offers a managed Internship programme bringing together ICT students, academics and industry. It offers organisations the equivalent of a term-length internship where students can gain exposure to an applied culture and environment outside the classroom.

Extenda Development Programme

Extenda aims to transform businesses through the establishment of a research-led culture. ICT companies will be given the opportunity to improve their research capabilities, planning methodologies and enhance their products thereby fostering innovation and productivity.

Software Process and Product Improvement

SPPI aims to develop and apply a range of software productivity techniques and tools to enhance the performance of the software industry in New Zealand. Our focus is on process and product improvement using advanced model-based visualisation methods and tools.

Health Bots

Many menial, repetitive and physically demanding tasks performed by healthcare workers could be reassigned to robotic assistance. In addition, robots with excellent interaction capabilities could help enrich the social experiences of patients during hospitalisation.

Build IT

This initiative focuses on the development of young and emerging researchers to ensure a solid basis for the future of ICT research.

Multimedia Imaging

The Multimedia Imaging Technology portal, hosted at The University of Auckland, invites and supports joint activities in multimedia where images, video, graphics, panoramic images, range scans, or animations are an essential component.


Our Cafe programme provides a forum for ICT industry and academic professionals to discuss topical matters of interest in a relaxed atmosphere.