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John Gordon Hosking

photo of John Hosking

John is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. He led the establishment of the Academy, a structured summer internship scheme; the Extenda Development programme and the Centre for Software Innovation which acts as a focal point for University-industry research engagement in ICT.

John Grundy

photo of John Grundy
Deputy Director

John Grundy has headed the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering since February 2008 and is also appointed with the Department of Computer Science. He is helping develop programmes in Software Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and improving the Departments' research productivity, industry linkages and external funding. .

Bruce MacDonald

photo of Bruce MacDonald
Programme Leader
Senior Lecturer

Dr Bruce MacDonald is the Director of the Robotics Research group and a senior lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests are aimed at creating useful robot assistants to help humans.

Robert Amor

photo of Robert Amor
Programme Leader
Associate Professor

Robert Amor has worked for 15 years in the application of computer science research in architecture, engineering and construction, which included his M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses. He spent the last four and a half years in the UK developing Construction IT initiatives at the Building Research Establishment. This included the development of National and European-wide Internet-based information gateways.

Peter Smith

photo of Peter Smith

Peter has been researching and teaching strategy at the University of Auckland for over 10 years. He is particularly interested in how strategy arises in professional service firms, such as engineering consultancies, accounting, and law firms. Prior to joining the University, Peter spent 16 years in the ICT industry, mainly in Europe, in a variety of roles from systems engineering to the management of high-tech service operations.

Ewan Tempero

photo of Ewan Tempero
Associate Professor

Ewan Tempero pursued a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics at University of Otago and a PhD in Computer Science at University of Washington. He then lectured on Computer Science at Victoria University. He has been an Associate Professor since 2002. His research involves Software Metrics, Reuse and Visualisation; Object-Oriented Development, Tool Development, Usability and Business Processes.

Beryl Plimmer

photo of Beryl Plimmer
Senior Lecturer

Beryl Plimmer has been involved in the computer industry since the 1970s - initially as a programmer and systems programmer for various organisations in Auckland before pursuing a PhD project in software for interface design. The focus of Beryl's research is Human Computer Interaction specifically Pen-based computing, Informal interfaces, User-centred design, usability, site design and navigation.

Reinhard Klette

Reinhard Klette

Reinhard is heading the .enpeda.. project on vision-based driver assistance, and also involved in various activities in multimedia imaging (such as panoramic imaging, biomedical imaging, or environmental surveillance). He is a Professor at the Computer Science Department of The University of Auckland.

John Corey

photo of John Corey

In over 30 years in the telecommunications and IT industry, John Corey has been engaged with a wide range of activities in the ICT sector including strategic planning for the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology as well as Intellectual Property Development. His previous roles include stints with Clear Communications, the Wellington City Council, Equant and the World Health Organization.


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Nick Jones

photo of Nick Jones
Programme Leader

Nick Jones works with experts at the CSI to help clients resolve fundamental computer science challenges. Nick Jones is Co-Director eResearch in the Centre for eResearch at The University of Auckland based in NZ, and is the Director of the NZ national grid computing and eResearch infrastructure project BeSTGRID.

Richard Li

photo of Richard Li
Business, Project and Technical Development Manager

As Chief Project Manager of the Academy Programme, Richard has worked with ICT companies and other project managers to manage and oversee 18 commercial R&D projects. He has assisted Industry Sponsors in obtaining Technology in Industry Fellowship (TIF) funds from FRST (Foundation for Research Science and Technology) and delivered high quality research and development outcome to business customers.

Jun Huh

photo Jun Huh

Jun is involved in various projects within the CSI as a researcher and technical assistant. His main focus is on the administration, project management, and development of Marama meta-tools project, which is one of the SPPI projects, and is working to improve upon areas of project release cycle, team communication, and shared code management.


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